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Our Mission here at Cliffhanger Academy is to create a community of people who have better focus, time-management, better relationships in our busy lives by rewiring our brains and habits using scientifically neuroscience based Psychology Fitness classes to improve our mental and physical capabilities. We are here to inspire others to take the initiative in their lives to never stop improving while improving having fun in our high intensity fitness activities

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Check out our Psychology fitness tips video for some tips to help you out on your journey through life. Created by the father of Psychology fitness David Mykel to help guide to rewire your brain so you can achieve the things you want to achieve in your life.

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Lucy Bai
Lucy Bai
00:06 21 Nov 19
It has been an incredible experience to be able to train with David. I have always regarded the gym and trainers as means to only help me physically, and the way to do it is to work till you drop. So going into this, I was not expecting to experience compassion and empathy. Through that, I felt more comfortable sharing with David some of my struggles and mental blocks that have been holding me back. And because of this, David implemented some psychological training into my routine based on his... psychology background (he’s actually certified and I’m planning on doing a therapy session). His unique program works on your mental, breath and physical aspects. David incorporated all three on day 1 of my training & his coaching enabled me to become more intuitive to sustain all techniques i learned about these three elements throughout my workout AND my day. David’s meticulous way of teaching, figuring out my impediments and adjusting the smallest movements allowed me to tap into abilities and reserves that I never realized I had. I was surprised by how quickly I’ve gained strength and a new perspective when tackling my challenges. Since my month-long sessions with David, I’m not only physically stronger but can actually feel more confident in my steps towards anything. I thank you again, for helping me so much in so little more
Al C
Al C
12:36 08 Sep 19
David’s approach is innovative and effective. I attended my first session and noticed the attentive effects of my mind and body. This applied to daily life was what made it impactful.David has immense knowledge in the world of extremes sports, physical fitness, and most importantly, his forte, neuroscience. The connection he draws between fitness and science makes his approach unique from everything else.His personality is easily approachable; just downright an amazing dude!
Adrienne Guttieri
Adrienne Guttieri
16:25 14 Jun 19
If you are looking for an experience that is going to push your mind and body to the limit, this is what you need. After each session I felt more inclined to keep after what my fitness and wellness goals were. David was able to tailor the experience to accommodate a few injuries I have and throughout the entire course of the session I felt safe and confident in each movement. In The Wild is going to push you, let it.
Savannah McCauley
Savannah McCauley
14:37 28 May 19
David became a friend and peer at the gym and extended our relationship to coach which was the greatest thing. He helped me feel super excited and open to share aspects of myself and my climbing with him and personalized the workout session. It became a lesson in not only where I was mentally on the wall but how I physically related that to how I can climb. With a few simple but deeply impactful notes he helped me explore so many lessons in just an hour and a half that have stayed with me to... this day. I cannot recommend his work enough and I look forward to learning more about his work, myself, and the possibilities to become a better athlete and more
Raz Rone
Raz Rone
17:13 21 May 19
I was fortunate enough to be introduced to David and Cliff Hanger Academy by a great friend a few years ago and I'm glad I did. I've done the wild training sessions with David and I can say each and every lesson has made lasting impacts in all the areas of my life. The combination of physical and mental training David puts together is AMAZING! He has a passion for coaching and helping people. He creates a safe space to be open and vulnerable and at the same time helps you take action in areas... you want to focus on. He goes above and beyond of what you would expect from someone. After training with David for over a year and being a husband, new father, now executive his training has helped be me a better person in all areas of my life. With more on my plate he has helped me deal better with issues, resolve them faster and feel less stressed in the process.I'm forever grateful for David's work, guidance, support and would HIGHLY recommend David to anyone looking to make a difference in any area or stage of their life!read more
Tiffany Kwan
Tiffany Kwan
15:21 21 May 19
Highly recommend the In The Wild Experience! What caught my eye about Cliffhanger Academy was David's approach to fitness. His background in psychology and extreme sports has given him a unique perspective on how the mind and body works together as a whole. He understands that health and fitness is not all about building muscles (although that is part of it) but also about focus, balance, and establishing comfort in the discomfort. Working with David has built strength and adaptability in... every single aspect of my life from scaling a rock face to running my more
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"On the other side of your fear is freedom"
- David Mykel

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