I know what it feels like to not Live Your Best Story. Before starting CliffHanger Academy, I worked grueling, 121-hour weeks as a litigation psychologist on multi-million dollar matters for Fortune 500 corporations and America’s top 100 laws firms. For a long time I loved my life and my career but then became overworked, addicted and depressed. Not only that, I had no idea what my true purpose was anymore, what I wanted and uncertain about what would make me happy again. That was my story.
And then I decided to re-write it!

25+ Years

I fed my body training to be a snowboarding instructor in British Columbia, a Muay Thai teacher in Thailand, a surf instructor in Australia and a rock climbing instructor in the United States.

20+ Years

I fed my brain training in psychology.

12+ Years

I fed my mind and body studying neuroscience from experts across the U.S.

I traveled to 49 countries, pushing my boundaries physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

I want to teach you about the life lessons that I’ve learned while fighting my way and getting arrested in childhood, becoming a boy scout, nearly dying from an unknown virus (it’s named after me), being a division one scholarship athlete, attending graduate school, finding the job of my dreams and the girl, losing the girl, quitting the job, conquering addiction, circumventing the globe, twice, fighting anger, anxiety and constant injury, battling crippling depression, losing two primary caregivers, being overworked and micromanaged, getting fired from a company I was supposed to take over, years of therapy, being lost about what I wanted to do with my life, being completely out of balance in my Health, Wealth and Relationships and desperate for a breakthrough and then launching my dream career, CliffHanger Academy, and figuring out what I was put on this earth to do: help 1-million people rewire their Brain AND Body using Psychology and Fitness.
I’ve gathered plenty of mental, physical and emotional scars and have taken decades to learn what I know. I want you to learn from my scars so you don’t have to sacrifice everything I had to in order to realize some of the things that I’m going to teach you.
If you want to win the battle against your greatest enemy, yourself, then don’t wait another moment!

Take the next step, join us!