What we Do


CliffHanger Academy’s mission is to help you look, feel & perform better all day, every day by training the Brain, Body, and Breath together through a workout focused on Psychology AND Fitness™”

How we Do it

B3 Methodology

Calm Your


We cultivate the latest research in cognitive-behavioral and positive psychology to rewire your brain by walking through your current challenges in all areas of your life, including your Health, Wealth and/or Relationships. During this process, we develop a theme for our training Experience that draws a parallel between the sport and your life.
Here’s where the fun begins! We create customized action sports-inspired workouts that push you physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Energize Your


Control Your


We calm your brain and body down using breathwork and guided meditation that leverages decades of neuroscience to help you gain more focus and clarity on those challenges while taking advantage of your enhanced physical and mental state.

PFX Experience

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7 Benefits of CliffHanger Academy


Self-Confidence to break bad habits and start good ones.


Acceptance & Letting Go of the unimportant things in daily life.


Focus and Learning how to prioritize what is important so you make more progress in less time.


Motivation & Courage to do the things you know you need to.


Perseverance and the Resilience to push through and finish those things.


Be Decisive without doubting yourself


Overcoming Fear, Worry & Anxiety along the way so you can live the best story of your life.

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